Who is Pawww Snap?

Eric Krouse (that's me) is the sole owner and operator of Pawww Snap! I am an obsessed weekend warrior photographer living in Raleigh, North Carolina. As much as I would love to photograph animals for a living, I also have a pretty awesome hippie science job where I get to help restore damaged streams. It's good to be me.

What are sessions like?

While each photo session is different, I plan for up to three hours of shoot time. Pet Photography is all about patience! and Snausages... Many pets give their best in the first half hour, then want to go do their own thing. It's good to have a non-pressure time frame, as other factors do crop up, such as inclement weather. We can focus on a particular look for your pet, or a wide variety. (indoor/outdoor, posed, action, etc.)

Do you only photograph dogs?

Absolutely not! I'm just as thrilled to meet and photograph cats, birds, reptiles and exotics.

Why don't you charge what XYZ photographer charges?

This is a personal business preference for me. Rather than ask for a larger sum up front, I rely on Stock Photography earnings in the future. The sitting fee I charge pays for website space, equipment upkeep, and all the other little business stuff. It keeps Pawww Snap going! No photos with people are EVER offered to the stock sites. You'll notice that it's a rare thing I'm doing here; stating outright that I am building a stock portfolio, but be aware that almost every photographer operates this way. It's just buried in a back page or FAQ, reading like "Do you offer commercial licensing? 'of course we do! contact us for details.' " That's stock photos in a nutshell.  

So I get to keep the photos though, right?

Absolutely. As stated in the main About page, I give you full, finalized, printworthy, wallworthy, my-dog-is-adorable-InstaFaceChatgram feedworthy files and a print release form to go with it. I just retain copyright, and the right to license these images online. This is Photographer standard practice. Unless you have the notarized documents stating so, and paid a photographer many many thousands of dollars for the photos, he or she owns the copyright. What does this mean? Simply: You can print a billboard size canvas gallery wrap of your gorgeous pet, and you just may see them on a puppy food advertisement, too. If I find your pet in print I will absolutely send you the details! It's thrilling to see my Labrador on stuff. Jack, The World Famous Adopted Rescue!

How do Pet Photography bookings work with Pawww Snap?

Please try to have a date in mind several months ahead of time. This way we can avoid scheduling conflicts. Sometimes things just work out and we can schedule in a few weeks. If you have a session that is time sensitive (elderly pet, medical condition, etc.) then I will by all means try my best to expedite our meetup.

Do you shoot any other subjects?

I've found a real love and knack for animal photography, but aside from that I specialize in not being specialized. If you have a project in mind, please get in touch! Business owner? Have a restaurant? Need headshots for your crew's LinkedIns? Cinematic video of your head chef plating delicious food? Also, If it's commercially viable for me, i.e. has strong "stock-worthiness" I will waive any session fees.

Tell me about this free stuff...

If you are an Adoption/Foster agency, or throwing an adoption event at your venue or place of business, I would be thrilled to come out and shoot! For events, this usually means a "Photobooth" type setup, with a clean backdrop and great lighting. Candid "reception" type photos are also a possibility for a smaller fee (so I can bring a second shooter along.) If possible, please supply a logo/watermark so I can tag your photos! I don't add my own watermarks to these (it's about the pups, right?) but if you want to shout out to @pawww_snap on Instagram, I'm not gonna stop you :-)