My buddy Jack the Ripper. Trusty assistant, and stand-in model when I get a crazy photo idea.

Fantastic keepsakes of your favorite furry buddies.

Gorgeous Studio Portraits that make your fuzz friend shine!

 Pawww Snap! brings a full blown portrait studio to your door. We shoot on simple backgrounds to make your pet the star of the show. And you get to pick your color!

*Session Fee: Fill out the form below for a quote! ***Waived for Adoption events and rescue agencies!***  

Prices depend on the nature, location, and duration of the shoot; you're encouraged to bring your friends' pups along too! Additional dogs can be photographed for an added rate- Share the cost and have a dog party!  

Please fill out the form below and tell me a little about yourself and your pet. It can be as simple as "I'd like a portrait of my Newf" or "Dachshund Puppies!" Also let me know what kind of space we can commandeer for the shoot! Just about any room with non-carpeted floors can work! Thank you!

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