My buddy Jack the Ripper in his dining room chair. Next level begging.

You want photos!

 Pawww Snap! wants to shoot them for you.

I want to give you great photos of your pets! It's that simple. No tricks, gimmicks, hidden fees, or anything else. I also just really want to meet your dog, and Jack, my lab, is getting tired of all the flashes. (Not really, he'll do anything for a piece of baguette.)

*Session Fee: Fill out the form below for a quote! ***Waived for Adoption events and rescue agencies!*** You absolutely can also get some friends together and split the fee. I don't add costs for extra dogs! What I also won't do is try to sell you prints, files, books, canvas wraps, etc. You get, either by CD, USB or Web download, every full size, polished picture, ready to display on your computer, phone, social media, or to print. (Files will be inconspicuously watermarked. I'd love to be found if someone likes my work enough to get in touch, but your pet's living room portrait isn't the place for a glaring advertisement.) I will include a signed print release so you can have any image printed at the photo finisher of your choice.

Please fill out the form below and tell me a little about yourself and your pet. It can be as simple as "I'd like a portrait of my Newf" or "Dachshund Puppies!" Also let me know if you are interested in indoor/studio photos, natural light pictures, or both. Thank you!

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